Passport-September 2023

In This Issue: 

4   Contributors

7    SHAFR Election Information

12   Thoughts from SHAFR President

Mary Ann Heiss

13    Response to A Roundtable on Jayita Sarkar, Ploughshares and Swords

Jayita Sarkar

15    A Roundtable on Marc Selverstone, The Kennedy Withdrawal: Camelot and the American Commitment in Vietnam

Chester Pach, Jessica M. Chapman, Tizoc Chavez, Jessica Elkind, Philip E. Catton, and Marc Selverstone

26    Requiem for a Field: The Strange Journey of U.S. Diplomatic History
Ryan M. Irwin

40    A Roundtable on Susan Colbourn, Euromissiles: The Nuclear Weapons that Nearly Destroyed NATO

Jayita Sarkar, Heather Marie Stur, Elizabeth C. Charles, William Hitchcock, Aaron Bateman, Susan Colbourn

52    Seven Questions on...the Nexus of Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics

Daniel Bessner, Michael Brenes, Amanda C. Demmer, Aaron Donaghy, and Andrew Johnstone

59    A Roundtable on William Inboden, The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan in the White House and the World

Evan D. McCormick, Aaron Donaghy, Andrew Hunt, Gail E. S. Yoshitani, John Sbardellati, and William Inboden

72   Update on Records Access Issues

Mary Ann Heiss

74    Shock and Awe Revisited: Legacies of the Iraq War 20 Years Later

Zaynab Quadri, Zainab Saleh, Catherine Lutz, Osamah Khalil, Carly A. Krakow, and Moustafa Bayoumi

86   SHAFR Spotlights

91   SHAFR Awards

96   Minutes of June 2023 Council Meeting

100  Diplomatic Pouch

103  In Memoriam: Gaddis Smith

106   The Last Word: Speaking with our Sources—The Possibilities and Pitfalls of AI Language Models in Historical Research

Jacob Forward and Xiaochen Zhu


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