Passport- September 2021

In This Issue: 

4           Contributors

10           A Roundtable on David F. Schmitz, The Sailor: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Transformation of American Foreign Policy

Andrew Johnstone, Benjamin Coates, Autumn Lass, and David F. Schmitz

17           A Roundtable on Vanessa Walker, Principles in Power: Latin America and the Politics of U.S. Human Rights

Kyle Longley, Jeffrey F. Taffet, Evan R. Ward, Mateo Jarquin, Thomas C. Field, Jr., and Vanessa Walker

30         A Conversation with David Langbart

David Langbart and Richard Immerman

33        Research Note: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst James Goode

34           SHAFR Spotlights

40         2021 SHAFR Award Winners

45         Minutes of the April 2021 and June 2021 Council Meetings

50         Diplomatic Pouch

56         Dispatches

58         In Memoriam: Walter LaFeber

Fredrik Logevall

59         In Memoriam: Geoffrey Smith

Katherine A.S. Sibley

61         In Memoriam: Curt Cardwell

Robert Buzzanco

63         In Memoriam: William Brinker

Jeffrey Roberts


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