The W. Stull Holt Dissertation Fellowship

The W. Stull Holt Dissertation Fellowship of up to $4,000 is intended to defray the costs of travel necessary to conduct research on a significant dissertation project. The award is announced formally at the SHAFR luncheon held during the annual meeting of the American Historical Association. (Applicants for this award will be considered automatically for the Stuart L. Bernath, Gelfand-Rappaport-LaFeber, and Bemis grants.) Applicants must be actively working on dissertations dealing with some aspect of U.S. foreign relations history. Membership in SHAFR is required.

Procedures: Self-nominations are expected. The annual deadline for applications is October 15. To apply, please read through the Instructions Sheet and then use the online application located below, which appears when applications are being accepted.  Questions can be e-mailed to [email protected].  

Any applicant not receiving an e-mailed confirmation of application after submission should contact the committee chair.

Within eight months of receiving the award, each successful applicant must file with the SHAFR Business Office a brief report on how the funds were spent. Such reports will be considered for publication in Passport.

Online Application



Recent Winners:

  • 2017 Nguyet Nguyen
  • 2016 Cindy Ewing
  • 2015 Ryan Archibald
  • 2014 Zach Fredman
  • 2013 Wen-Qing Ngoei
  • 2012 Alexander Noonan
  • 2011 Stephen Macekura
  • 2010 Lauren Beth Hirshberg
  • 2009 Christopher Dietrich
  • 2008 Ryan Irwin
  • 2007 Sudeepto Ani Mukherji
  • 2006 Kate Burlingham
  • 2005 Keri Lewis, Jongnam Na
  • 2004 David Snyder
  • 2003 Jason Colby
  • 2002 Erez Manela; Daniel Michael
  • 2001 Mary Montgomery
  • 2000 Jason Parker; Jeffrey Engel
  • 1999 Michael Donoghue; Gregg Brazinsky; Carol Chin
  • 1998 Christopher Endy; Richard Wiggers; Xiaodong Wang
  • 1997 Max Paul Friedman
  • 1996 Philip E. Catton
  • 1995 John J. Dwyer
  • 1994 Christian Ostermann
  • 1993 Darlene Rivas
  • 1992 Robert K. Brigham
  • 1991 Kyle Longley
  • 1990 Katherine A. S. Siegel
  • 1989 Joseph Bedford