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The members of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) can provide historical commentary on a wide range of current public issues. SHAFR is the leading professional organization for historians of international affairs, and its diverse membership is prepared to provide perspectives that can enrich contemporary discussion of U.S. engagement with the world and its political, cultural, social, and economic effects.

At the top of the directory is a rotating group of featured experts. Below them is an alphabetical listing of SHAFR experts with their areas of expertise, short biographies, and/or contact information.

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Joseph A. Ross

Expert on: Cold War, Human rights, Intellectual history, Legal history

Jayita Sarkar

Expert on: Export controls, Nuclear proliferation and nonproliferation, U.S. Foreign Policy

Amy L. Sayward

Expert on: Death penalty, Food & Agriculture Organization, United Nations, World Bank & economic development, World Health Organization

Simone Selva

Expert on: Energy, International economic history, International political economy

Kelly Shannon

Expert on: 20th century U.S. foreign relations, U.S. relations with the Islamic world, U.S.-Iran relations, women's human rights

David L. Snead

Expert on: Cold War, Eisenhower Administration, U.S. in World War I, U.S. in World War II

Kathryn C. Statler

Expert on: Franco-American Relations, U.S. Foreign Relations, Vietnam War, World War I, World War II

James R. Stocker

Expert on: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Cold War, Energy, Middle East, Nuclear weapons

Lauren Frances Turek

Expert on: Domestic politics and foreign policy, Human rights, Public Opinion, Religion, Religious liberty

Heidi J. Tworek

Expert on: Communications technology and cyber, Germany, International history, International organizations, Media

Vanessa Walker

Expert on: 1970s, Carter Administration, Human rights, U.S.-Latin America

Stephen Wertheim

Expert on: Internationalism, United Nations, Wilsonianism, WWI/WWII

Jonathan Reed Winkler

Expert on: Communications technology and cyber, Military history

Benjamin R. Young

Expert on: Authoritarianism, Cold War in the Third World, Communism, North Korea, Third World socialism