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The members of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) can provide historical commentary on a wide range of current public issues. SHAFR is the leading professional organization for historians of international affairs, and its diverse membership is prepared to provide perspectives that can enrich contemporary discussion of U.S. engagement with the world and its political, cultural, social, and economic effects.

At the top of the directory is a rotating group of featured experts. Below them is an alphabetical listing of SHAFR experts with their areas of expertise, short biographies, and/or contact information.

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Frank P. L. Gerits

Expert on: Africa, Cold War, European integration, International history, Public Diplomacy

Eric Thomas Gettig

Expert on: Cuba, Latin America, Oil and energy

Benjamin Greene

Expert on: Cold War Berlin, Cultural diplomacy, Eisenhower Administration, Nuclear Testing and Nuclear Arms Control, Public Diplomacy

Peter L. Hahn

Expert on: Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian disputes, Libya, Terrorism

Richard H. Immerman

Expert on: CIA, Eisenhower Administration, Grand strategy, Intelligence, U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security in the Cold War

Julia F. Irwin

Expert on: Disaster Assistance, Foreign Aid, Humanitarianism

Ryan Irwin

Expert on: Africa, Decolonization, International organizations, Liberalism, Neoconservatism

Andrew M. Johnston

Expert on: feminist pacifism, International history and transnational communities (1880-1930), Postcolonialism, Pragmatism, Social Theory and the Practice of International History

Scott Kaufman

Expert on: Carter Administration, Cold War U.S. foreign policy, Ford Administration, Nuclear testing, Office of the First Lady

Patrick Michael Kirkwood

Expert on: American Imperialism, Anglo-Saxon exceptionalism, British Imperialism, South Africa, The American Philippines

William M. Knoblauch

Expert on: Antinuclear Movement, Popular Culture, Reagan Administration, Rock & Roll, Second Cold War

Maurice Jr. Marc Labelle

Expert on: Decolonization, Edward Said, Lebanon, Palestine, U.S.-Middle East relations

Scott Laderman

Expert on: Popular Culture, U.S. Foreign Policy, Vietnam War

Fredrik Logevall

Expert on: Cold War, U.S politics since 1914, U.S. Foreign Policy, Vietnam War

Stephen Macekura

Expert on: Development, Environmental diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Global climate change, International economic policy

Philip Nash

Expert on: Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Nuclear Age America, Women & US Foreign Relations

Michael Edward Neagle

Expert on: Cuba, U.S. Foreign Relations in 20th Century, U.S.-Cuba, U.S.-Latin America, War on Terror

Christopher McKnight Nichols

Expert on: Ideas and international relations, Internationalism, Isolationism, Nationalism and transnationalism, U.S.'s role in the world

Chester Pach

Expert on: 1960s, Eisenhower Administration, Media, Reagan Administration, U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1945

Leon J. Perkowski

Expert on: Cold War, deterrence, South Korea, U.S. Foreign Relations