Cultural diplomacy

Benjamin Greene

Benjamin Greene (Ph.D., Stanford, 2004) is the author of Eisenhower, Science Advice, and the Nuclear Test-Ban Debate, 1945-1963 (Stanford University Press, 2007) and numerous articles and book reviews on a topics such as nuclear testing and nuclear arms control, the politicization of science advice, foreign policy during the Eisenhower administration, and public diplomacy during the Cold War.  His current research explores the intersections of culture and foreign relations, examining how American culture and American communities in Cold War Berlin have influenced international attitu

Laura A. Belmonte

Laura Belmonte, a history professor at Virginia Tech, began her tenure as dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences on August 1, 2019. Belmonte had most recently served as associate dean for instruction and personnel in the College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University. There she had previously served as director of the American Studies Program, which she co-founded; head of the Department of History; and a co-founder of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program. 

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