June 2002

Sunday, June 2, 2002 - 7:30am
Council Meeting

7:30 am

University of Georgia, Executive Conference Room

Robert Beisner, presiding Members Present: Ken Osgood, Steve Rabe, Jim Matray, Bill Burr, Dennis Merrill, Peter Hahn, Bob Beisner, Lloyd Ambrosius, Malcolm Crystal, Bill Walker, Chester Pach, Bob McMahon, Hope Harrison, Bob Schulzinger, Tom Zeiler, Mark Lawrence, William Brinker.

  1. Stephen Rabe, reporting for the Holt Fellowship Committee, announced this year's winners. Awards of $1,000 each went to: Erez Manela (Yale) and Daniel Michael (George Washington).
  2. Lloyd Ambrosius announced that George Herring (Kentucky) was awarded the Graebner Award at the 2002 annual SHAFR meeting.
  3. Bob Beisner discussed the current situation of the SHAFR guide. The guide progresses on schedule. A brief discussion followed regarding price, mechanics of distribution of the volumes, and the process of supplementary updating.
  4. Malcolm Crystal from Blackwell Publishers stated that membership has held steady. A small increase in institutional members countered a small decrease in individual members. Crystal described Blackwell's variable pricing scheme for institutional members, some of which would be involved in consortia to purchase Diplomatic History.
  5. Bob Schulzinger discussed the experience of the first full year of publishing Diplomatic History at Colorado. He proposed that Council approve the publishing of a fifth issue of Diplomatic History each year. The extra issue would, in the beginning, be devoted to some innovations. Discussion followed and members were supportive of the proposal. Some noted the special value of historiographical essays. A motion to approve the fifth issue passed unanimously.
  6. Beisner opened discussion regarding the SHAFR Endowment. Discussion followed concerning the purpose and need for a Finance Committee. A committee will report back at the January, 2003 meeting.
  7. Peter Hahn reminded members that dues would increase to $40.00 for regular members and $20.00 for students.
  8. William Walker reported on the 2002 meeting, its various (minor) problems connected with the program. He noted that there were fewer proposals approved than in the past. In the discussion which followed it was noted that perhaps too few senior members were delivering papers at the meeting.
  9. Hope Harrison from George Washington, the site of the 2003 meeting (June 6-8) reported for Peter Hill (Local Arrangements). She discussed the early planning that has occurred. David Schmitz will be the Program Chair. Discussion followed relative to timing of the annual meetings. No dates seem ideal to both those teaching on semesters and those on quarters.
  10. No firm dates or place are confirmed for the 2004 conference.
  11. Council expressed their thanks for the smooth working conference in Athens to William Walker and Bill Stueck.