June 2000

Tuesday, June 20, 2000 - 7:30am
Council Meeting

7:30 am

Ryerson Polytechnic Univeristy, 205 Pitman Hall

Robert Schulzinger, presiding Those present: Thomas Schoonover, Bob Beisner, Bill Walker, Anna Nelson, Mark Stoler, Allan Spetter, Jim Matray, Bill Brands, David Anderson, Amy Staples, David Painter, Geoff Smith, Bob Wintermute, Phil Gibbon, Margaret Zusky, Margaret MacMillan, and William Brinker.

  1. Bob Schulzinger reported that Michael Hogan has become Dean of Humanities at Ohio State and will be stepping down as editor of Diplomatic History in December, 2001.
  2. Jim Matray announced that former SHAFR president Robert Divine (Texas) was the committee's selection for the GraebnerAward.
  3. Schulzinger, reporting for Doug Little, announced that this year's winners of the Holt Award are: Jason Parker (Florida) for "Wilson's Curse: The U.S., Race, and Empire in the British Caribbean, 1939-62" and Jeffrey Engells (Wisconsin) for "Cold Warat 30,000 Feet: Anglo-American Technology Control, Aircraft Sales, and Trading With the Enemy at the Dawn of the Jet Age."
  4. Bob Beisner presented an update on the SHAFR Guide. Current target dates are for February 2001 submission by editors to ABC-Clio and for publication by ABC-Clio in late 2001 or early 2002. A new name for the publication is under consideration. Beisneralso presented information regarding the plans for keeping current supplementary information on-line. Those accepting this taskinclude Beisner, Chester Pach, Kurt Hanson, and John Tolley.
  5. Reporting for the Roster and Research Guide, Amy Staples is working with Blackwell to maintain future Rosters and Research Lists on the SHAFR Website. Staples plans a mid-to-late summer, 2000 implementation.
  6. Margaret Zusky, representing Malcolm Crystal of Blackwell, discussed membership maintenance and proposed changes in costs for institutional members.
  7. Geoff Smith speaking for the Toronto conference organizers made suggestions for future conferences. Local arrangement and program chairs present were receptive to the suggestions.
  8. Anna Nelson, local arrangements chair for the American University 2001 meeting, reaffirmed the dates of June 14-16, 2001. Bill Walker of the Program Committee urged electronic submission for papers and entire panels. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2000.
  9. The SHAFR 2002 summer meeting will be hosted by Georgia State in Atlanta.
  10. Anna Nelson forwarded a request from the American Historical Association that SHAFR participate in a June 2001 AHA Teacher's conference which will emphasize the Cold War. It was noted that the timing will coincide with the American University meeting and that area members will be urged to support the conference.
  11. Bill Brands proposed approval for a Betty Unterberger Dissertation Award. Council approval will be sought for the solicitation offunds to support this project.
  12. Allan Spetter reported on the SHAFR Endowment earnings. Discussion followed regarding optimum distribution of investments.
  13. Schulzinger will circulate a proposal to reestablish the Life Membership category. He also discussed status of legislation and the Moynihan Report relative to declassification. (The AHA, OAH, and SHAFR had previously objected to creation of a board tooversee "targeted" declassification of documents. - See SHAFR Newsletter, Vol. 31, No. 1, page 32.) Nelson added the littlenoticed or appreciated fact that funds supporting the declassification process could be cut under current appropriations legislation, thus undermining the deliberative process.
  14. Katherine Sibley, for the Myrna Bernath Book Prize, announced co-winners: Cecilia Lynch (Cornell) and Jessica Gienow-Hecht (LSU). Lynch's book: Beyond Appeasement: Interpreting Peace Movements in World Politics. Gienow-Hecht's: TransmissionImpossible: American Journalism as Cultural Diplomacy in Post-War Germany, 1945-1955.
  15. Members present unanimously passed a resolution thanking Geoff Smith and Margaret MacMillan for an excellent job of preparing for and executing this Toronto meeting.