June 1999

Saturday, June 26, 1999 - 7:30am
Council Meeting


Princeton Univeristy, Robertson Hall, Woodrow Wilson Center

Those attending: Walter LaFeber, Allan Spetter, Doug Little, Geoff Smith, DavidPatterson, Mary Giunta, William Walker, Randall Jones, Steven Schwartzberg, Robert Schulzinger, Eileen Scully, PeterHahn, Richard Wiggers, Andrew Johnston, David Anderson, Marilyn Young, Chester Pach, Priscilla Roberts, TomSchoonover, Martin Sherwin, Arnold Offner, Malcolm Crystal, and William Brinker.

  1. Allan Spetter, reporting for Beth McKillen, announced the winners of the Holt Dissertation awards. They are Michael Donoghue, Gregg Brazinsky, and Carol Chin.
  2. Spetter, reporting for David Schmitz, announced that Frances Early is the winner of the Warren Kuehl award. Her award-winning book is World Without War.
  3. Walter LaFeber led a discussion concerning the desired frequency in awarding the Graebner Award. No action was taken at this time.
  4. Steven Schwartzberg, Program Chairman for the Princeton meeting, discussed some of the mechanical concerns of the program chair. Discussion followed relative to future summer meetings. Due to the size of the summer meeting it was perceived that there is a need to systematize the processes, perhaps adopting something similar to the AHA "customs andlore" procedures.
  5. Geoff Smith commented on the progress thus far for the Toronto 2000 meeting. There will be some emphasis on Canada and on the 50 year anniversary of the out break of the Korean War. The dates for the meeting are June 22-25. The meetings will be in downtown Toronto.
  6. Spetter, reporting for Anna Nelson, announced that the 2001 meeting is set for American University in DC.
  7. Chester Pach reported that Ken Bode, Dean of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern will be the luncheon speaker at the January 2000 annual AHA meeting in Chicago. His address will be "Global Journalism in the Era of CNN, Cyberspace and Kalashnikovs."
  8. LaFeber, speaking for Michael Hogan, reported that SHAFR has signed a new eight-year contract with Blackwell Publishing. SHAFR and Blackwell are pleased with the association and the terms of the extension are most agreeable to both sides.
  9. Bob Schulzinger, Endowment Committee Chair, reported on the healthy growth in value of the SHAFR endowment which is handled by a firm of professional financial managers. Council indicated its satisfaction with the association and the results.
  10. Martin Sherwin presented his views regarding SHAFR "Outreach." The intent is to expand SHAFR's vision and activities, to become more inclusive, and to perhaps internationalize its orientation. Sherwin's proposal will be published in the Newsletter thus allowing the membership to participate in a dialogue regarding moving in these directions.
  11. Schulzinger reported on latest developments of the State Department Advisory Committee on the Foreign Relations Series. Council moved and seconded that copies of the "Resolution on Declassification" be sent to the White House, the Senate and House leadership, key committee chairs, the OAH, AHA, the Society for American Archivists, to Page Miller and released to major national newspapers. The motion carried unanimously.
  12. Spetter reported on SHAFR membership and finances. All is in good shape.
  13. Mary Giunta, reported for Robert Beisner, on the progress of the SHAFR Guide. Some unexpected small delays have occurred but nothing of major significance.
  14. LaFeber, for Doug Little, suggested that it would be appropriate to have graduate student representation on the SHAFR Council. Discussion followed and it was moved that the Council be expanded to include two graduate students who would serve three-year terms. The motion carried.
  15. LaFeber announced that David Anderson is retiring from his duties on the Roster & Research List. LaFeber announced a committee to investigate how best to handle the Roster & Research List—where will it be housed and should it continue to be published in paper form, should it be electronic, or perhaps both? The committee will also consider similar questions related to the SHAFR Newsletter. The committee will report at the AHA in January 2000.
  16. Several resolutions were unanimously passed:
    1. SHAFR's thanks to David and Helen Anderson for thirteen years' work on the Roster and Research List
    2. SHAFR's thanks to Eileen Scully and Steven Schwartzberg and the respective committees for their work on Local Arrangements and Program for this Princeton meeting.

Respectfully submitted William Brinker