January 2000

Thursday, January 20, 2000 - 7:30am
Council Meeting

Chicago Marriott, Salon H

Robert Schulzinger, presiding Council members attending: Marilyn Young, Randall Woods, and Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman Others: James I. Matray, David L. Anderson, Sarah Jane Corke, Michael Hogan, Thomas Schoonover, Geoff Smith, Anna Nelson, William Brinker, Amy Staples, Chester Pach, Robert Beisner, David Patterson, Susan Brewer, Allan Spetter, and Malcolm Crystal.

  1. Susan Brewer, reporting for the Bernath Dissertation Award Committee, announced two winners: Elizabeth Kopelman Borgwardt (Stanford) and Deborah Kisatsky (Connecticut). Borgwardt is working an intellectual history of the Atlantic Charter while Kisatsky is working on the U.S. and the Nationalist Right in Europe, 1945-55. Elisse Wright (Ohio State) was awarded the Georgetown Travel Grant for work on African American supporters of the Vietnam War during the period 1965-69.
  2. Robert Beisner announced that his editors have promised to finish their work on the SHAFR guide project in March, 2000. The publication date is mid-2001. Discussion followed regarding a title for the work and utilization of the web for access to the guide and supplements.
  3. Michael Hogan reported on the current health of Diplomatic History and discussed various initiatives to enhance the journal and insure its excellence. A free-wheeling discussion about future steps that could be taken by SHAFR to "reach out" to new members and to broaden the scope of the organization.
  4. Malcolm Crystal from Blackwell Publishers promised year-end summary information would be available for the June council meeting. He reminded Council members that Blackwell could provide additional services to SHAFR.
  5. Chester Pach reported for the ad hoc committee appointed to recommend what changes, if any, should be taken with regard to the Roster and Research List and the SHAFR Newsletter. The committee recommended that the Roster become an on-line document. The committee further recommended that the SHAFR Newsletter refocus its content (such as concentrating more on the achievements and ideas of SHAFR officers and members and ceasing to publish articles that are more appropriate for DH) and take on a new appearance. A motion to accept the committee's recommendation passed unanimously. It was further resolved that SHAFR will maintain a complete list of previous prize winners and their publications, presentations, etc. on the SHAFR web site.
  6. Geoff Smith gave an update on the Toronto 2000 meeting. He cautioned members that they might wisely secure passports to avoid difficulties and delays at the border (upon crossing from Canada to the U.S.). As in the past, a birth certificate and valid drivers license may do. Currently there are frequent delays at the border.
  7. Anna Nelson reported on the 2001 meeting at American University. Randall Woods is program chair for that meeting.
  8. A motion was presented and passed to accept the invitation to meet in Atlanta (Emory and Carter Library) in 2002.
  9. Allan Spetter reported briefly on the SHAFR budget. A question whether to re-institute the Life Membership program will be placed on SHAFR's summer agenda.
  10. Election results were announced. Robert McMahon was elected Vice President; Mark Stoler and David Painter were elected to Council; and Tom Schwartz to the Nominating committee.
  11. In response to a request from Paige Putnam Miller, Bob Schulzinger was directed to write a letter expressing SHAFR's ongoing opposition to "targeted" declassification of government documents.