Wilson Weekly- 1 June 2018 Issue

Monday, June 4, 2018 - 11:00am
Wilson Weekly
June 1, 2018



Transatlantic Relations and the Iran Deal

Event video & key quotes

“The question for those who remain [in the Iran deal]… is whether they feel able to continue with an agreement which loses an incredibly important and vital partner, the United States of America, and whether, in fact, the message that it sends about international agreements requires them… to try and find ways to continue with it.”

– Baroness Catherine Ashton

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Facing the Arctic Forecast

Event video & key quotes

Finland currently holds the chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the main intergovernmental forum on a region that is rapidly gaining global attention. The Polar Initiative convened top experts from Finland, the United States, and Iceland to focus on cooperation over weather and water – a vital priority as the region transforms.

In Russia, Reform as Ruse

The Russia File

“Putin and his like-minded supporters see measures like establishing the rule of law as concessions to a Western-dominated external world, a surrender of Russia’s sovereignty. But lacking an alternative reform strategy, the Kremlin gladly keeps up appearances and showcases yet another liberal strategy.” – Maxim Trudolyubov

The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2018

Living with Artificial Intelligence


Humans created AI. Now humanity must learn how to live with it. Read the award-winning Wilson Quarterly and get a glimpse of technology with the potential to upend sectors from law enforcement to labor and relations both international and interpersonal. In this new issue, you’ll search the “internet of bodies,” tour the AI-enabled office of tomorrow, experience the sights and sounds of AI in art, and much more.


Wilson in the News

Summit On? (Face the Nation – CBS)

President Trump’s move to call off the summit with North Korea was effective because it “forced all the partners in the circle to reinforce their commitments,” says Jean H. Lee.

U.S. Auto Proposals Pose Big Challenge for NAFTA Talks (The Hill)

“The U.S. administration is in essence trying to forge an ‘industrial policy’ to reshape America’s auto sector via the NAFTA negotiations,” writes Earl Anthony Wayne.

Colombia Peace Accord at Center of Presidential Race (Bloomberg)

“What you see here is a polarization of the electorate over two radically different versions of the country,” says Cynthia Arnson.

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Transatlantic Research Cooperation to Treasure and Protect the Atlantic Ocean

June 6, 2018// 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Perspectives on Gender Parity: Solutions Across Sectors and Borders



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