William Appleman Williams Junior Faculty Research Grants

The William Appleman Williams Junior Faculty Research Grants are intended to promote scholarly research in U.S. foreign relations by untenured college and university faculty and others who are within six years of the Ph.D. and who are working as professional historians. Grants are limited to scholars working on the first research monograph.  A limited number of grants of varying amounts (generally, up to $2,000) will be awarded annually to help defray the costs of domestic or international travel necessary to conduct research on significant scholarly projects.  The award is announced formally at the SHAFR luncheon held during the annual meeting of the American Historical Association. Membership in SHAFR is required.

Procedures: Self-nominations are expected. To apply, please use the online application located below.  To apply, please read through the Instructions Sheet and then use the online application located below, which appears when applications are being accepted. Questions can be sent by electronic mail to [email protected]. The annual deadline for applications is October 15.

Any applicant not receiving an e-mailed confirmation of application after submission should contact the committee chair.

Within eight months of receiving the award, each successful applicant must file with the SHAFR Business Office a brief report on how the funds were spent. Such reports will be considered for publication in Passport.

Online Application



Recent Winners:

  • 2019 Amira Rose Davis and Joan Flores-Villalobos
  • 2018 Uzma Quraishi and Aaron Coy Moulton
  • 2017 Sam Vong and Simon Toner
  • 2016 Keisha Blain
  • 2016 Michelle Getchell