PCB-AHA Tonous and Warda Johns Family Book Award

Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 1:15pm

Tonous and Warda Johns Family Book Award

The Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association is pleased to announce the creation of a new book prize, the Tonous and Warda Johns Family Book Award.

The prize honors Tonous Hanna and Warda Paulis, who immigrated to the United States from Syria in 1900, married in 1906, and became U.S. citizens along with their children in 1919. Tony and Warda Johns, as they became known, emphasized the importance of education, hard work, and philanthropy to their children and grandchildren, and had a deep and abiding love for their adopted country and its history. These values–shared by so many other immigrants to the United States–profoundly shaped the lives of their descendants. In celebration of these ideals and in recognition of Tony and Warda’s continuing influence on their family, the Johns family created this endowment in the hope that Tony and Warda’s legacy will be felt and appreciated by the PCB-AHA community and that the award will encourage and recognize excellent historical scholarship.

The Tonous and Warda Johns Family Book Award will recognize the outstanding book (monograph or edited volume) in the history of U.S. foreign relations, immigration history, or military history by an author or editor residing in the PCB-AHA membership region. The inaugural award will be presented at the 2019 PCB-AHA conference–which will meet from July 31 through August 2 on the campus of theUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas–on the 100th anniversary of Tony and Warda’s U.S. citizenship. Copies of books submitted for consideration for the award should be sent directly to each of the three members of the prize committee by April 1, 2019; more details will be available at pcb-aha.org/awards. Questions about the award or inquiries regarding donations to the endowment should be directed to Michael Green, PCB-AHA executive director, at [email protected].

The Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association was organized in 1903 to serve members of the American Historical Association living in the western United States and the western provinces of Canada. With over 4000 members, it is one of the largest professional historical organizations in the United States.

The PCB-AHA thanks the founding donors to the endowment for their generosity:

Andrew & Kayli Johns
Laurence & Judy Johns
Patrick Payton
Janet Griffiths & family
Michael & Rose Marie Johns
Elizabeth Johns