News from NARA- New Hours at Archives I and II

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 2:30pm

Research Services is ending Saturday operations to the public and extending weekday (M-F) operating hours by an hour in the Washington DC area. Effective July 22, 2017, Research Services is ending Saturday research room operations at Archives I and Archives II and extending weekday (Monday-Friday) operating hours by an hour each day. Saturday hours at Research Services field locations were discontinued in November 2015.

Changing our hours will allow Research Services to more effectively align its resources and stay open longer on the days we serve the highest number of customers in these research rooms. Staff previously on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule will now shift to a Monday through Friday schedule. This decision also ensures that Research Services will continue to assist the researcher community at our facilities.

We will work with appropriate stakeholders, research communities, and staff to help make the transition for all affected as smooth as possible.

Recognizing how significant this change may be, we will ensure that we continue to communicate with staff and the research community in the coming weeks.