Call for Proposals to Host the 2016 SHAFR Summer Institute

Friday, January 9, 2015 - 12:00am


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The SHAFR Summer Institute Oversight Committee welcomes proposals to host the 2016 SHAFR Summer Institute.

The Institute is intended to provide advanced graduate students and junior faculty with the chance to engage in intense discussion with senior scholars on topics and methodologies related to the study of foreign policy and/or international history. It also serves as an opportunity for all participants, senior scholars included, to test ideas and themes related to their own research.

To underwrite the Institute, SHAFR will provide $45,000, which includes a $5,000 stipend for each of the two co-organizers; a small stipend, travel, and room expenses for the participants; and other costs. Organizers are encouraged to seek additional funding, either by subsidies or in-kind support, from their home institutions. Those who wish to host the 2016 Summer Institute at a location outside of the United States and who believe that funds beyond $45,000 would be needed are encouraged to submit a proposal together with a request for supplementary funds.

Prior Institutes and their themes have been: “War and Foreign Policy: America’s Conflicts in Vietnam and Iraq in Historical Perspective;” “Turning Points in the Cold War;” “Decisions and History;” “Freedom and Free Markets: The Histories of Globalization and Human Rights;” “Does Culture Matter? The Emotions, the Senses, and Other New Approaches to the History of US Foreign/International Relations;” “The International History of Nuclear Weapons;” “Wilsonianism and the Legacies of the First World War;” and, in 2015, “’The Tocqueville Oscillation’: The Intersection of Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy.”

The Institute can take place in the five days prior to or just following the annual SHAFR conference in June 2016, which will be held in San Diego. The Institute can be held at the host’s home institution or at the SHAFR conference site. The Summer Institute Oversight Committee will work with the organizers of successful proposals to promote the goals of the Summer Institute.

Those interested in applying to host in 2016 should prepare a proposal including (1) the title of the Institute they wish to conduct; (2) a description (no more than three pages) of the themes to be pursued during the Institute and how it will be organized; (3) the preferred audience (grad students, junior faculty, or both); (4) a brief statement of how the substance of the proposed Institute and recruitment of participants will contribute to SHAFR’s commitment to diversity and internationalization; (5) a statement on funding secured from home institutions; and (6) contact information and concise c.v.s of the co-organizers.

Proposals should be sent to [email protected] by May 15, 2015. Questions can be directed to Peter L. Hahn, Executive Director, at [email protected].