Andrew J. Rotter

Past President
Academic Organization: 
Colgate University

Andrew J. Rotter is Charles A. Dana Professor of History at Colgate University, where he has taught since 1988. He has a BA from Cornell University, where he worked with Walter LaFeber, and a Ph.D from Stanford, where he was trained by Barton Bernstein, David Kennedy, and Alexander George. He has published The Path to Vietnam: Origins of the American Commitment to Southeast Asia, Comrades at Odds: The United States and India, 1947-1964, and Hiroshima: The World's Bomb, along with articles, essays, and reviews in Diplomatic History, The American Historical Review, The Journal of American History, and other journals. He is editor of Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Vietnam War Anthology, a third edition of which is due out in 2009. Broadly interested in cultural approaches to US relations with Asia, he is now working on a project that considers the roles of the senses in transacting empire in the Philippines and India. He has served on SHAFR Council, the Robert Ferrell Book Prize Committee, and the Committee on the Status of Women.