January 2015

SHAFR Council Agenda                                                        APPROVED BY COUNCIL 1/22/15
January 3, 2015
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Hilton Board Room
New York Hilton

Members present: Tim Borstelmann (presiding), Amanda Boczar, Mark Bradley, Robert Brigham, David Engerman, Petra Goedde, Rebecca Herman-Weber, Kristin Hoganson, Paul Kramer, Fredrik Logevall, Alan McPherson, Penny Von Eschen.

Others present: Peter Hahn, David Hadley, Jennifer Boles, Anne Foster, Andrew Johns, Mary Werden.

Business Items

June 2014

Members present: Tim Borstelmann, Robert Brigham, Carol Chin, Christopher Dietrich, Penny Von Eschen, Kristin Hoganson, Fredrik Logevall (presiding), Alan McPherson, Michael Sherry, Sarah Snyder, Marilyn Young

Others present: Jeffrey Crean, Nick Cullather, Mary Dudziak, Anne Foster, David Hadley, Peter Hahn, Andrew Johns, Lien-Hang Nguyen, Chester Pach, Andrew Preston, Jennifer Walton

Business Items

1) Announcements

TransPacific China in the Cold War

This conference brings together an international, interdisciplinary grouping of scholars from Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, the US, and Canada to consider new research highlighting cultural and social productions emerging from diasporic Chinese amidst the political fissures of the Cold War.  We plan to publish an anthology of our reframing of this era through an academic press.


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