May 2014

Course Syllabi and Assignments

This collection of syllabi comes from instructors who teach courses related to international and U.S. foreign relations history. The SHAFR Teaching Committee hopes that this collection of syllabi will be a source of ideas about course design and organization and the selection of readings.

The syllabi are divided into two main groups--those for undergraduate courses and those for graduate courses. Within those two main divisions, the syllabi are organized in chronological and thematic groups.

The syllabi are searchable by keyword.

Passport Rates

Circulation: 1,800
Readership: College professors, government officials, publishers and librarians, students of history, and others interested in American foreign relations.
Issuance: Three times per academic year (September, January, April)

Lesson Plans

The SHAFR Lesson Plan Project grew out of the organization’s commitment to improve the quality of teaching about how the United States has interacted with the world from 1776 until today. The lessons are designed to provide middle and high school teachers a variety of resources and primary sources that can be adapted for the needs of their individual classes.