Global Scholars and Diversity Grants

Deadline: 1 December

Please submit your proposal first, then complete this form to apply for travel funding.

In the Documents section below, please upload a single PDF or Word document with the following:

(1) Your name and current affiliation;
(2) If you are currently a student, evidence of doctoral status in the form of a statement from your advisor;
(3) Description of prior SHAFR experience, if applicable (ie: attendance at conferences, membership, previous SHAFR funding awards, etc.);
(4) Funding needs including: (a) Evidence of request(s) to home or other institutions for travel funding to SHAFR conference, and (b) Budget estimate (airfare, ground transportation, hotel (at least 3 nights), per diem meal allowance), based on up to $2,000 in SHAFR Global Scholars and Diversity funds;
(5) One-page abstract, including: (a) Paper title, (b) Summary of paper (including how it addresses the theme of panel), (c) Indication of sources (Multinational research preferred); and
(6) Concise CV (2 page maximum).

You will receive a copy of your submitted data via e-mail upon successful submission of this form. Please retain a copy for your records.